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NetCopy copy example
apollo $ netc dka0:[engineering.6300product]*.pdf gemini::"6300PDF\" /port=8020 %NETCOPY-I-VERSION, NetCopy AXP Version 4.0-6 Level D starting on  6-MAY-2013 12:00:24.80     connecting to: GEMINI at on port 8020 %NETCOPY-I-SERVER, Connection established from on Mon May 06 2013 at 12:18:25 PM %NETCOPY-I-SERVER, path C:\VMSfiles\Engineering\6300PDF\ will be used to store files %NETCOPY-I-SERVER, Creating File C:\VMSfiles\Engineering\6300PDF\6300PRO.PDF %NETCOPY-I-SERVER, Creating File C:\VMSfiles\Engineering\6300PDF\DEV_GUIDE.PDF %NETCOPY-I-SERVER, Creating File C:\VMSfiles\Engineering\6300PDF\IMPLEMENT.PDF %NETCOPY-I-SERVER, Creating File C:\VMSfiles\Engineering\6300PDF\LIBRARY.PDF %NETCOPY-I-SERVER, Creating File C:\VMSfiles\Engineering\6300PDF\USERGUIDE.PDF                        NetCopy Statistics Elapsed Time:      00:00:03.30         CPU Time:      0:00:02.46 Buffered I/O:              249         Direct I/O:           160 Virtual Memory Used:      4208         Page Faults:          138 9513 blocks (5 input files) compressed to 7784 blocks 1729 blocks saved (18.2 percent reduction) apollo $ apollo $ netcopy /dir gemini::"6300pdf\" %NETCOPY-I-VERSION, NetCopy AXP Version 4.0-6 Level D starting on  6-MAY-2013 12:02:27.13     connecting to: GEMINI at on port 8000 %NETCOPY-I-SERVER, Connection established from on Mon May 06 2013 at 12:20:27 PM %NETCOPY-I-SERVER, Reading Directory c:\6300pdf\ Directory c:\6300pdf\ 6300PRO.PDF*                           599  04-MAY-2013 17:40:32 DEV_GUIDE.PDF*                       1,180  04-MAY-2013 17:40:32 IMPLEMENT.PDF*                         336  04-MAY-2013 17:40:32 LIBRARY.PDF*                           931  04-MAY-2013 17:40:33 USERGUIDE.PDF*                       6,462  04-MAY-2013 17:40:35 Total of 5 files apollo $
This example illustrates two NetCopy commands. The first command uses NetCopy to copy several PDF files from OpenVMS to Windows. The command specifies a subfolder in which the files are to be placed on the Windows computer. The top level path is defined in the NetCopy Configuration file. The second command uses NetCopy to display a directory of the files on the Windows computer.  Files which have an asterisk displayed are files which have the OpenVMS file characteristics stored in a data stream attached to the file.  This allows NetCopy to restore the OpenVMS file characteristics if the file is copied back to OpenVMS.