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NetCopy provides a fast and economical way to copy or distribute OpenVMS files to Windows computers over a LAN, WAN, or VPN without requiring FTP or Pathworks. Fast File Copies NetCopy uses data compression to make copying files up to 80% faster than using FTP or Pathworks. This feature is especially beneficial for very large files or slower network links. Easy Copy Commands The copies are initiated on an OpenVMS computer using an OpenVMS command line which can be interactive or in a batch command procedure. Multiple files can be copied using a single command. The destination Windows path can be specified on the command line. NetCopy can copy OpenVMS ASCII files and convert them to a Windows printable format, or copy OpenVMS binary files such as database and PDF files. Multiple VMS and Windows Platforms The NetCopy Client software runs on OpenVMS Alpha and Itanium computers. The NetCopy Service software runs on Windows servers and workstations running Windows XP or later.
ASCII and Binary File Formats
NetCopy - copy OpenVMS files to Windows